Video shows couple throwing plane at Fort Lauderdale airport – NBC 6 South Florida

Two passengers were kicked off a Delta Airlines plane in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday night after witnesses said they were drunk and causing trouble on board.

Witnesses said Delta Flight 1582 was scheduled to depart Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport en route to Atlanta when the two passengers became unruly.

One of the passengers, a woman, caused the most commotion, cursing the flight attendants and flipping the bird over to them at one point.

Brianna Morfesi sat a few rows away from the couple and filmed the interaction with the flight attendants.

“She was just screaming, just usually, everything she said, she was screaming, she was swearing like a sailor,” Morfesi said. “If you go to a bar and there’s a drunk person, it was that person on the plane.”

Morfesi said it was a major headache for everyone on the plane, including the flight crew. And when the problems persisted, they told the captain it was time to turn around and head back to the terminal.

The couple didn’t take it well, Morfesi said.

“The lady was like ‘why am I arrested?’ That’s all she kept saying, no one said anything about her being arrested.After explaining to the couple what had happened, she somehow gave them the bird and told him to leave,” Morfesi said. “Once they were kicked off the plane, it was kind of this relief, everyone was like yeah! It was so bad!”

Delta released a statement on the incident on Wednesday.

“Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior at our airports and on our flights, because nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and crews,” the statement read. “We apologize for any inconvenience the departure delay may have had for our other guests.”