Vaikobi partners with Brett Beyer for dinghy product development

Vaikobi partners with Brett Beyer for dinghy product development

by Vaikobi Media Jul 5 05:16 UTC

Bart Milczarczyk and Brett Beyer at Vaiobi headquarters © Vaikobi

One of the most awarded ILCA/Laser sailors in the world, Brett Beyer, has just scored yet another victory by winning the ILCA Masters World Championship in Mexico for a record 14th time! There is no one on the planet who has accumulated as many Laser Cubes as Brett Beyer (the last count was 78!).

But that’s not the only thing Brett is celebrating this month; Vaikobi is thrilled to finally announce a top-secret design collaboration with Beyer, as the fast-growing Australian sailing brand expands its range of dinghy gear and touring-specific products.

Not just by namesake; This partnership is a genuine collaboration that has enlisted Beyer’s professional expertise in laser sailing and Olympic training, using his feedback to develop trekkers that are sure to help sailors of all ages and experiences achieve maximum performance in a range of conditions. Future product developments are also underway through this partnership with Beyer.

Vaikobi Chief Designer Bart Milczarczyk regularly works with their team of ocean athletes to solicit their expert opinions and experiences on the water. Athletes test equipment and provide Bart with valuable feedback to ensure designs are tested and perfected before they hit the market.

This collaboration has seen Brett and Bart come together and work together on Vakobi’s all new Dinghy Hikers which will hit the market in 2023.

“For such critical equipment, it was essential to have an expert on the project to help guide the product development and testing program. Our mission is to create the best hikers in the world, and expert guidance of Brett in racing and training was crucial in Vaikobi’s design process for this particular product.” says Milczarczyk.

“Teamwork is an essential part of any truly successful project, so we needed the right people to provide the right advice and provide the best feedback. Brett Beyer probably has more hiking experience than anyone on the planet, both in his own navigation and as his coaching, so his guidance and feedback is invaluable.” says Vaikobi founder and owner Pat Langley.

Brett Beyer commented that: “We have worked hard, tested and put a lot of effort into these hikers, which is the same approach I have for my own campaign. My own values ​​of honesty and effort align with the Vaikobi brand, so I’m really excited to see our hiking gear making a difference in the experience of sailors who need to hike in training and racing. The Vaikobi team is a breath of fresh air for the sport of sailing and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them on this exciting I really can’t wait to see the new products come to market.”

Vaikobi’s Season 2023 range will be filled with innovative products, designed to improve the comfort and performance of sailors on the water. Stay tuned for future updates in the coming months with new product announcements.

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