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A tragedy struck several towns in the Spanish province of Pontevedra on Tuesday, due to the sinking of a fishing boat with 24 crew members in the Atlantic Ocean off Canada.

the ship Pitanxo Villa has sunkalways for unknown reasons, in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Spain. News leaked throughout the day, confirming the rescue of three sailors and the death of seven others.

Early this Wednesday, the the death toll has been increased to tenand the search for eleven sailors is still in progress by the agent deployed in the area.

Of the three rescued sailors, two are the fishing master and his nephew, who was also on board. According to Julio Torres, pastor of the Evangelical Church of Marín, the third person saved is the Ghanaian Samuel Kwesi Kofie, a member of this local church.

Torres, still without much information, reports that Samuel’s health is very delicate, due to the shipwreck and freezing water temperatures at this time of year.

The three rescued sailors remain on one of the boats involved in the rescue efforts, the Menduina Beachand are recovering satisfactorily.

the bad weather conditions make rescue very difficult in an area where the Galician fleet usually fishes, but which is very dangerous. In addition to the harsh weather conditions, the freezing water temperature increases the distress of the families of those who have not yet been located.

As a Spanish news site digital protestant confirmed, at least two of the sailors on board the Pitanxo Villa are evangelicals.

One is Kofie, who is married and has four children – the youngest is one year old – in Ghana. “He was baptized with us,” Torres explained. “They haven’t officially told us yet if he’s one of the dead or missing.”

Torres said Protestant digital that he is “a man integrated into the Church. He spent Christmas with brothers. He was always ready to help.” It was “the first time he had been on this boat”, even though he was already an experienced sailor, with many tides worked on other ships of the same company.

Additionally, the church learned that another of the sailors, originally from Peruis also evangelical.

The pastor also reported that evangelicals the Marin church will join in the official mourning arrested by regional and local authorities, placing a black ribbon on the facade of the evangelical church building.

“We pray for the families who suffer from this tragedy“, points out the pastor.

Two evangelicals among the crew of a shipwrecked Galician in Newfoundland

Facade of the Evangelical Church of Marín /J.Torres.

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– Two evangelicals among the crew of a shipwrecked Galician in Newfoundland