Tuxedo Mask’s real name reveals her secret fate

Sailor Moon’s tuxedo mask actually holds great significance for her human name and her forgotten name. They solidify its role in the manga.

In Sailor moon, the meaning of Tuxedo mask the name is fairly straightforward to discern for his heroic character – he wears a tuxedo and mask. His other names, however, have much more meaning. Mamoru Chiba and Endymion reveal a lot about his role in the series.

Tuxedo Mask is one of the most popular characters of the Sailor moon manga. This manga series began serialization in 1991. Written by Naoko Takeuchi, it follows the adventures of the titular heroine and her fellow Sailor Guardians. Throughout the series, Sailor Moon receives a lot of help from her sweetheart, Mamoru Chiba, who goes by the code name Tuxedo Mask. However, Mamoru also has a third name: Endymion.

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A closer look at Mamoru Chiba’s name, as well as his Moon Kingdom name – Endymion – reveals a deeper meaning. Mamoru and Chiba are Japanese names. Mamoru means “to protect” and Chiba means “place”. This makes him the literal protector or defender of “this place” – that place being Earth, which is revealed to be his realm once his memories and those of Sailor Moon are restored. This restoration also reveals its original name Endymion, which is a direct reference to Greek mythology – a popular source of inspiration within this series.

Endymion in Greek mythology was a son of Zeus. His occupation is uncertain, although it does allow him to spend time stargazing. He would have potentially been a shepherd, a king, a hunter or an astronomer. Nonetheless, he loved to watch the moon and he fell in love with Selene, the moon goddess – and a Titan. She loved him too and in some iterations of the myth they were married and had children. This is very important for Tuxedo Mask’s identity as he loves the moon goddess – Sailor Moon’s royal name is Selene. The two loved each other in their past lives and he died protecting her, although they promised to be together in another life.

These names reinforce his role within the series. He is meant to love Sailor Moon and be her husband. He comes from a kingdom that existed on Earth and is a prince. Sailor Moon, the other Sailor Guardians, and Tuxedo Mask all work together to protect not only the moon, but the Earth from evil as well. This continues her original role as protector of her home, which Sailor Moon inhabits in her future life as Usagi Tsukino when the manga begins. At first glance, the manga seems to precipitate their relationship and its Tuxedo Mask identity is rather simplistic. However, when the depth of their story is revealed and their names are considered, there is much more to work than a quick teenage romance and general heroic deeds.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are meant to be together and have lived many lifetimes. The two fight for each other and protect each other. They never give up, making their love an inscription in the cosmos. It might sound like unrealistic love, but it’s meant to be. Their love is based on a larger than life mythology. Sailor moon and Tuxedo mask love could literally be written in the stars – and this becomes evident when you consider the many names of Mamoru.

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