Tippett has a homecoming of sorts


Prior to coaching the two best hockey players in the world, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, along with the rest of their Edmonton teammates, Oilers head coach Dave Tippett was Senior Hockey Operations Advisor for the NHL in Seattle which has yet to be named. franchise. His personality and professional contribution are fondly remembered.

Tippett, who was a Ron Francis teammate with the Hartford Whalers, was involved in all phases of the start-up of the expansion, from building the Climate Pledge to mandatory features for the team’s training center at Northgate on behalf of the team and the design of the jersey. . He was on the bench observing the ice surface long before his team took to the ice for Friday morning practice.

“It’s really cool, it’s the first time I’ve seen the arena (finished),” Tippett said with a smile. “They have done an amazing job, everyone involved in this amazing business, especially during COVID.”

In a way, Tippett looked like he was at home.

“I feel honored to have worked with this group (from Seattle) and all of the people,” said Tippett, calling Kraken CEO Tod Leiweke.

Tippett said “there were a lot of bullets in the air” and “some days he wondered” because he was “not sure everything was going to fly”. He remembers seeing the plan for the now-dug tunnel and providing two-way traffic for eight underground loading docks, but at the time he was confused about a “tunnel starting one block away” that was planned under a historic structure, Bressi Garage.

He wondered if twin video panels above each end of the rink were a good idea. On Friday he concluded that “it all came together and was exciting to see.”

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