Stena RoRo built the largest civilian hospital ship in the world

STOCKHOLM, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From February 28 to March 14the largest hospital ship in the world, the World Mercy, will be in rotterdam. A milestone event for Stena’s RoRo who, on behalf of the Mercy Ships association, has been project manager for the construction of the ship since 2013. During his weeks at rotterdam, the newly built ship will be open to visitors. Individuals, associations, partners, donors, volunteers and the media are invited to visit the ship during her fitting out in rotterdam for its vital mission in West Africa.

From February 28 to March 14completion of new construction world mercy – the largest civilian hospital ship in the world – will be celebrated and it will be open for visits. Stena’s RoRo was responsible for the design, contracting arrangements and site supervision of this very special marine construction project.

The hospital activities to be carried out on board involve specific requirements that influence everything from the design and layout of the hull to ventilation and other technical solutions. The ship houses operating rooms and hospital services, a laboratory, an eye clinic, a dental clinic, training facilities and everything necessary for both the care of hospitalized patients and those working on board, including schools and crèches for the children of the crew. the world mercy is classed for passenger service and, when in port, can accommodate 950 people including a crew of 641.

Adaptation of the existing concept
Stena’s RoRo specializes in the design of vessels for special needs.

“When we were commissioned to build the world mercywe started with an existing concept of passenger and cargo vessels for international long-haul RoPax service,” says By Westlinggeneral manager of Stena’s RoRo. “We designed it as a pure passenger ship with hospital services instead. The car deck was replaced by operating theaters and hospital wards.”

To meet specific challenges, Stena’s RoRo created a global project with subcontractors from all over the world. The construction was carried out at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard in the north China or Stena’s RoRo had an international team on site to monitor the construction process.

“It was the first time the shipyard had built this type of vessel and we wanted to carefully monitor the process. We are very pleased with the collaboration we received as well as the standard of the completed vessel.”

Help capacity doubled
the world mercy was built on behalf of the charity Mercy Ships which, via hospital ships, provides free medical care and expands local healthcare capacity for the world’s most vulnerable human beings. The ships are staffed by volunteers from more than 60 countries. the world mercy is the first of the charity’s vessels to have been designed and built specifically for their needs. Previous ships were converted into hospital ships.

With the world mercy, their ability to provide assistance is more than doubled. The new ship will dock on Africa Mercyin service since 2007. With both ships in service, Mercy Ships expects to perform more than 5,000 operations each year, treat more than 28,000 dental patients and train more than 2,800 local healthcare personnel.

“It’s great to see this project come to an end after so many years of commitment on our part,” says By Westling. “We are extremely proud to have delivered such a special vessel and thus be part of the incredible work of Mercy Ships.”

Celebrations and activities at rotterdam
In rotterdamfinal outfitting is underway before Global Mercy departs for Dakar in Senegal. Alongside the celebrations and the opening of the ship to visitors, there will be guided tours on board and virtually ( Mercy Ships hopes the general public, donors and potential volunteers will take the opportunity to view the ship and get a clearer picture of life on board for patients and volunteers. A special invitation is extended to the media, who will be able to meet volunteers and several project personalities, including Stena’s RoRo General manager By Westling.

world mercy in rotterdam

February 28March 14: Open to visitors. For registration and more information:

Public Event for the Press

March 1-2: Scandinavian days on board, By Westling participant
March 7: Maritime day on board, By Westling participant
March 15: Departure to rotterdam

A global project under Swedish leadership
The project started in 2013. Swedish Stena’s RoRo was responsible for the design, subcontracting and site supervision of this unique, global project. French Barry Rogliano SallesBRS, acted as broker, the detailed design by Finnish Deltamarin and the construction was carried out at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard in China. the world mercylisted by Lloyd’s Register in the UKsails under the Maltese flag and operates along the coast of Africa.

A selection of suppliers involved in the project:
ABB Azipod® – Propulsion systems and generators
Alfa Laval – Chillers
Berg Propulsion – Bow thruster
Consilium – Security systems, fire alarm system
Evac – Waste management
MacGregor – Hull Doors and Gang Planks
Scan Marine – Interior Monitoring and Inspection
Selectope – Antifouling paint
Wärtsilä – Generator Engines

About world mercy
Length: 174 meters
Width: 28.6 meters
Draft: 6.15 meters
Gross tonnage: 37,000 tons
Deadweight: 5,448 tonnes
Total area, interior: 30,000 square meters

Follow the construction of Global Mercy here:

Photos: Global Mercy arriving at rotterdam
Ships of Mercy

For more information please contact
By WestlingManaging Director, Stena RoRo AB
Tel: +46 31 855154; +46 704 85 51 54
Email: [email protected]

Since 1977, Stena’s RoRo led the development of new RoRo, cargo and passenger maritime concepts. We supply tailor-made vessels, as well as standardized RoRo and RoPax vessels. The company leases around 15 vessels to operators around the world, both to other Stena companies and to third parties. Stena’s RoRo specializes above all in the application of its technical know-how to the design and construction of new ships and the transformation of existing ships to provide tailor-made transport solutions to its customers. We call this “Stenability”. Since 2013, Stena’s RoRo was responsible for the design and production of Mercy Ship’s new hospital ship World Mercy – the largest civilian hospital ship in the world and which was delivered in the spring of 2021 from the shipyard of China.

About Mercy Ships
Through its hospital ships, Mercy Ships provides free, high-quality healthcare, building healthcare capacity and ensuring sustainable development for those with the fewest resources. Mercy Ships was founded by Don and Deyon Stephens in 1978 and has since operated in over 55 developing countries, contributing to care and development worth more than 17 billion Swedish crowns and treating more than 2.8 million people. The ships’ crews are made up of approximately 1,200 volunteers each year from more than 60 countries. They are surgeons, dentists, nurses, nursing educators, teachers, chefs, sailors, engineers and agricultural experts who volunteer their time and skills. With offices in 16 countries and an African hub, Mercy Ships strives to make a difference for individuals and help nations.

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