NFT Artist Fewocious Holds New All-Time Secondary Sale

A teenage NFT artist, Victor Langlois commonly known as Fewocious has once again set a new secondary selling record for him. NFT masterpiece “The Sailor” sold for a whopping 350 ETH, or around $595,000 at current market prices on SuperRare.

The NFT was purchased by ‘capital6529’ from its former owner ‘2YeahYeah’. The winning bidder also showed their excitement for the latest purchase by saying, “The introduction of a Fewocious to the 6529 family has been a very long time coming.”

The well-deserved amount added another milestone in Fewocious’ successful artistic journey. A renowned and visible member of a growing community of queer crypto artists has once again demonstrated the power of his art.

“The Sailor” NFT features a half-transformed human face mixed with a cartoon. The looping NFT, surprisingly unique to the Fewocious style, has so many intricate details that cannot be noticed at first glance. In his words, “I don’t know what awaits me and I can’t be sure. moving forward and upwards, my friend…at least I’m trying.

He also has tweeted“my second year high school English teacher saw this and messaged me that she was going to add this piece and my story to her lesson on resilience to her students.”

The NFT space with such artists has become colorful, diverse and refreshing. No wonder, the art itself has secured itself a prominent place in the NFT community.

Well, it’s not unusual for Fewocious to break a record. He was also recognized as the youngest artist ever presented by Christie’s. The enthusiasm for his works is such that on the day of the NFT “Hello, I’m Victor” auction, the resulting traffic from buyers crashes the Christie’s site.

That’s not all, Fewocious has sold nearly $19 million of NFT, the third highest amount in the NFT Nifty Gateway market. This time, “The Sailor” NFT took the limelight to become the most expensive secondary sale on SuperRare, which speaks volumes about his extraordinary NFT artwork.