Neon Genesis Evangelion and 9 other budget-strapped anime

Ask any anime fan and they will agree that one of the best parts of any series is when the animators are clearly spending all of their time – and budget – on a key action scene or some great animation from it. character. These are the moments everyone remembers and talks about, so it makes sense for production companies to spend a huge amount of money to produce them.

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There are, however, many instances where a show uses its entire budget on these scenes from the start, leaving the rest of the show struggling to liven up even the most basic footage. Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably the most famous example – but it is far from the only one.

ten Her situation and that of her, a totally different sight, were also affected by Evangelion.

paper animation of his situation and his situation

Neon Genesis EvangelionBudget issues are legendary, but what is often overlooked is the fact that the amount of money spent on certain episodes impacted not only evangelizationthe production team of but the Gainax animation studio as a whole.

A show that was particularly affected by the lack of money the studio had available was His situation and his, a classic romantic comedy which had to resort, among other things, to the use of still photographs, paper cutouts and unfinished sketches.

9 Sailor Moon Crystal loyal fans disappointed

sailor moon crystal bad animation

Sailor Moon Crystal was in a sticky position from the start: a remake of one of the most iconic and beloved animated series of all time was bound to receive a huge hype, but, at the same time, the nostalgia attached to the original meant fans were unlikely to be happy with anything.

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So it makes sense that the creators tried to differentiate Crystal by approaching the magnificent art of the original manga. Sadly, that approach backfired: Naoko Takeuchi’s ornate and hyper-detailed designs proved too difficult for animators to recreate on the budget they had, leading to some shady screenshots including The internet didn’t really care.

8 Brighter Than The Dawning Blue started a meme

brighter than nascent blue cabbage

Many jokes from the anime community have sadly been forgotten, and one that older fans will certainly remember fondly is to spot the obligatory hyper-detailed cabbage of a show. The origin of the meme was a little-known show called Brighter than the dawning blue, which, among other examples of seriously fishy animation, sadly showed a “cabbage” that was just a smooth green ball. This was fixed for the DVD version, but by then it was far too late: the cabbage had taken a life of its own.

7 Lost Universe became infamous among 90s anime fans

Younger anime fans will, of course, be more aware of the budget issues of more recent shows. But the budget-strapped anime isn’t a new phenomenon, as anyone remembers the obscure ’90s show. Lost universe knows.

Thanks to shoddy and clearly rather desperate outsourcing work, one particular episode looked so ghastly that it caused a fan uproar in Japan after it ended, and had to be almost completely redone for the release of the DVD. It was so infamous, in fact, that part of the episode’s title, yashigani, has become a shortcut for terrible animation.

6 Bakemonogatari sometimes left out the animation altogether

bakemonogatari photo background

As bad as animation and art in anime can get when the budget starts to run out, there’s usually Something that was drawn on the screen. Bakemonogatari, however, hit a new low when the episodes aired using copious amounts of photographs for the backgrounds. They weren’t even traced and certainly didn’t look like a part of the anime world.

These backgrounds were fixed for the Bluray version, but it still annoyed fans. SHAFT is known for their artistic choices that may disguise budget cuts, but they didn’t get away with this one.

5 DRAMAtical Murder had dramatic animation issues

bad dramatic animation muder

Dramatic murder was a yaoi visual novel that, with its appealing character designs and endless expedition possibilities, quickly became a favorite among fans who enjoy their Bishonen angst and ambiguous relationships.

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Sadly, it doesn’t look like that popularity translated into the budget for the anime adaptation. Instead of the visual novel’s clean, detailed art, fans were given shoddy animation that failed to even stay on the model as it stood still. And, for a series that relied so much on viewers finding the characters attractive, that was a particularly big issue.

4 Spice and Wolf should have taken his own lessons in economics

Bad horse animation in Spice And Wolf

It’s rare that the second season of an anime is considered even better than the first, but the excellent writing and character development of spice and wolf meant the second season was embraced by the fan base, who just couldn’t get enough of Holo and Lawrence’s pleasant chemistry.

There was one thing that held back season two, however, and that was the fact that the show’s budget – which clearly wasn’t much to begin with – seemed to have almost completely depleted. It’s such a shame that the second season of such a fantastic series is getting an animation downgrade rather than an upgrade.

3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica presented empty cities and empty halls

puella magi bedroom madoka magica mami

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is known for his gorgeous collage-like art when his characters meet the witches, but it’s obvious these scenes have absorbed a huge chunk of the show’s budget. When what is broadcast is compared to the Bluray, there is a dramatic difference in the details.

Sometimes it’s not that important, but when it comes to things like Mami’s bedroom, which in the TV version was almost completely naked and in the Bluray was cozy and full of knickknacks, that means viewers have missed visuals that added real depth to the characters.

2 The last episodes of The Promised Neverland killed the fan hype

Isabella protects her children

Budget issues are quite unfortunate when they affect lesser-known shows, but they are all the more annoying – and inexplicable – when found on popular shows with a lot of hype.

There is no better recent example than the second season of The promised imaginary country. Bad plot and awkward story changes meant fans were already unlikely to be impressed with the follow-up to the critically acclaimed first season, but the replacement of stellar animation with off-model action scenes. and overused stills was the last nail in the coffin.

1 Evangelion’s budget is almost depleted – but it’s still a classic

It is well known that Neon Genesis Evangelion blew almost his entire budget on the first mech battles, leading to very limited animation at the end. And yet, the series is remembered as one of the greatest anime of all time. So how does it work ?

evangelization is a masterclass for making budget limitations work with the spectacle, rather than against it. Still images, including famous images such as Rei and Asuka in the elevator or Unit 01 holding Kaworu, are used as camera shots to create tension, while the sketchy style seen in the very last episodes perfectly illustrates the skinning of Shinji’s psyche. .

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