Naval Duties Keep Southern Pines Sailor Aboard USS Essex for Vacation | News


MILLINGTON, Tenn. – Sailors help maintain America’s advantage at sea, which means they can’t always celebrate the holidays with loved ones.

A Southern Pines native serving in the United States Navy is one such Sailor as she will celebrate the holidays with her fellow Sailors aboard the USS Essex.

“Vacation is about being surrounded by people who matter and enjoying the company of others,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Rachel Bradford. “As I get older, these moments are rare, especially since I joined the Navy 10 years ago. I don’t take those moments that I can have with my family and friends at home for granted.

Bradford wants his family at home to know we miss them this holiday season.

“I wish I could be there with all of you and eat all the food,” Bradford said. “I hope I will make up for lost time next year. I love you guys and merry Christmas! ”

As a member of the US Navy, Bradford, along with other Sailors, know they are part of a tradition of delivering unforgettable experiences through leadership development, global affairs and humanitarian assistance.

“I love being a sailor,” added Bradford. “It’s not always easy, or even pleasant, but the good weather always catches up tenfold. I couldn’t pick a better group to spend the vacation with.