Man allegedly harasses teen’s party at Ocean Beach in SF, breaks woman’s nose with soda can

A birthday celebration at Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon was interrupted by a man who at one point threw a soda can, smashing a woman’s face, one of the members said of the group.

Peninsula resident Raji Pillai said her friend’s nose was broken in several places and doctors later confirmed she had a concussion. “They need to do some tests to see if she will have full vision,” Pillai said.

The San Francisco Police Department responded to the incident on the beach near Taraval Street at 3 p.m. and arrested a suspect.

The three women and two teenage girls in the group noticed the man sitting about 30 feet from them as they were having their picnic, Pillai said.

“When we saw him approaching, we didn’t know what to do,” she said. “He walked over and then started spitting out the gibberish he was speaking with foul words in between.”

They ignored him, hoping he would leave, but instead he rushed forward and grabbed a box of cupcakes from a cooler, Pillai said.

When one of the mothers responded by saying, “It’s okay, you can take this, now please go,” Pillai said he “lost the grip.”

“He said things to her mouth, then swept things out of the cooler, then threw everything out of the cooler,” she said.

The man grabbed an unopened soda can from the cooler and threw it at the group of women, Pillai said.

“The weight of it and the force with which he threw it, it was shocking,” she said. “He pulled his arm out as hard as he could, so the force with which it was inflicted on him was enormous.”

Pillai said her friend took a few steps and collapsed on the sand from shock and excruciating pain.

The San Francisco Police Department said the attack “appears unprovoked.”

Although an arrest has been made, the department said the investigation remains open and anyone with information can call the inquiry line at (415) 575-4444 or test tip at TIP411 and start the message. text with SFPD.

Pillai shared a thread about the incident on Twitter and it sparked a conversation about safety in the city and the need for better mental health services.

“Our friend, in addition to her horrific injuries, will have to pay copayments and various medical expenses,” Pillai wrote in her post. “Hats off to @SFPD, SF Park Police and EMTs with @SFFD, who were incredibly professional, knowledgeable and kind. But, San Francisco. Holy shit?!!! We were totally helpless. When will this city act- about guardianship of sanity so that this man and others like him don’t walk around hurting themselves and others?”