LASD Air Rescue 5 Save a man and his dog

Guardians of the Sky – LASD Air Rescue 5 Save a man and his dog.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Service, also known as Air Rescue 5, rescued a hiker and his beloved dog after the hiker was unable to cross the trail in the area of Mount Wilson.

On August 8, 2022 at approximately 1:30 p.m. Air Rescue 5 received a call for service regarding a hiker and his dog who fell 200 feet to the side of the trail near Mount Wilson.

The Air 5 crew responded to the area of ​​the call and located Mr. Dave Santonil and his dog Bubba, who were approximately 200 feet above the Mount Wilson trail. Mr. Santonil and his dog stood on a small shelf of earth that protruded from the vertical side of the mountain and had a very steep slope. Based on the difficult position of Mr. Santonil and his dog, Air Rescue 5 assessed the situation and devised a rescue plan.

Air Rescue pilots maneuvered the aircraft into the canyon and positioned it where the helicopter’s rotors would not cause Mr. Santonil and his dog to jump from their precarious position. With the help of his partners, Deputy Belleville, equipped with rappelling equipment, was lowered from the helicopter to where Mr. Santonil and his dog were. He managed to secure Mr. Santonil and his dog safely and hoisted them to safety.

The hiker and his dog are seated at the door of the helicopter.

“There are dangers on the trails. We have the largest county in the country, and we have the largest playground in the country right next to the largest population. So, the mixture of these two elements leads to the Air Rescue 5 crew being very busy during the summer months, during the winter months and pretty much all year round. said Sheriff Villanueva during the press conference.

The motto of the LASD Air Rescue Five is “Saving Lives Priority One”. Another incredible save from the Sky Guardians.

LASD continues to remind hikers of the dangers of hiking alone and with pets. Have a hiking plan and talk to someone about it. Visit for more hiking tips at

The LASD Special Law Enforcement Bureau: Emergency Services Detail (SEB/ESD) is a highly trained multi-mission bureau. SEB/ESD Assistants operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to their tactical operations, all SEB/ESD Assistants are certified paramedics and rescue divers. They are responsible for coordinating and participating in mountain search and rescue, underwater search and rescue, and swiftwater and flood rescue operations for the sheriff’s department. They equip the Air Rescue 5 helicopter and the ocean rescue boat and accompany the special weapons teams in all operations.

Video of the press conference