Keehi harbor boat launch raises safety concerns among sailors


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A sign is posted at Keehi Boat Harbor informing people that the ramp is being repaired. While it’s not clear when the sign was posted, boaters said they haven’t seen much improvement.

After a year spent away from Keehi’s boat launch, Mililani’s Kerry Kiode returned on Thursday, but said the return to the boat ramp was not so pleasant.

“The boat was pushed right over the stilts, I don’t know how much damage was done,” Kiode said. “But it was very difficult because the wind was blowing a little, and you can’t see the piles.”

Koide said the ramp maintenance is terrible. He adds that half of the jetty is missing and there are pilings sticking out of the water.

“What they’ve done here is limit access to the size of a boat that can climb,” said Ron Dellinger of Kailua. “The moment you tie it to the jetty as you see over there, the bottom of your boat hits the cement.”

“So the danger is that the boaters and the people who operate the boat – the people who help launch and retrieve the boat from the trailer – could be run over because the wind could simply blow the boat away.” , explained Koide.

Although the repair panel suggests using the launch pad on the south side, it closes at 8 p.m., leaving the evening sailors in luck.

They said the Keehi 24 hour boat launch is still the best option if the necessary repairs are made.

“What will it take for it to be maintained with the funds we put into it?” Dellinger asked.

“We don’t see any benefit in paying a fee when they don’t even take care of what we have right now,” Koide said.

Boaters are also requesting an update on the condition of the ramp.

Hawaii News Now has contacted the DLNR and the State and is awaiting a response.

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