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Guayaquil welcomes the first cruise ship of the season with 11 cases of COVID-19

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – 09:08 UTC

The cruise season had been interrupted for almost two years due to the coronavirus crisis

Passengers on the Silver Whisper cruise ship have not been allowed to disembark in Guayaquil alone after 11 of 228 travelers tested positive for COVID-19, it has been announced. The first cruise ship of the 2021-2022 season docked in Guayaquil on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Ecuadorian authorities allowed healthy travelers to tour the city from eight tourist buses, while those who were ill were forced to remain isolated on board the ship.

Three travelers who were not infected but who completed their journey at the Ecuadorian port and were due to take return flights were escorted to the airport, in accordance with instructions from the Ministry of Health and other local authorities.

All travelers were subjected to PCR tests by shipping company Silversea. Those who tested negative were then checked by the Ministry of Health to verify compliance with health protocols and the Guayaquil City Council deployed two medical brigades to attend to travellers.

The Silver Whisper carries 228 tourists from the United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Barbados, Sweden, Norway, Chile, Ireland and Australia – and 283 members of ‘crew.

The boat was due to leave Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. local time for the Chilean port of Arica.

Guayaquil is due to welcome its second cruise ship on Wednesday January 19. By Monday January 17, the Silver Moon had arrived in Manta, where doctors hired by the shipping company carried out PCR tests on the 228 passengers arriving from Austria, Belgium, Canada and Denmark. , France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom as well as the 427 crew members.

Those who test negative will be allowed to visit Guayaquil in a manner similar to Silver Whisper passengers.

These two ships mark the return of Ecuador’s cruise season after nearly two years of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manta alone hosted 20 boats each year, on average, with around 23,000 tourists.