Future Nexus 4.0 – India Expands Globally Through Skills-Integrated Education

Centurion University of Technology and Management (adopted in Odisha and AP), organized an event in New Delhi on 28and April 2022, titled “Future Nexus – Developing skills for Industry 4.0”who was honored by the Honorable Minister of State for External Affairs, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh.

This event was organized keeping in mind the goals of India’s recently announced New Education Policy (NEP). The NEP emphasizes continuous lifelong learning, multiple entry/exit and professionalization of higher education with integration of skills. With such an educational model, and armed with its cost-effective degrees and emphasis on skill integration, India is reaching out internationally – especially to its African friends. The similarities in their economic development contexts make the Indian educational environment socially and contextually more relevant to Africa.

The Honorable Minister, in his speech, referred to the NEP which is expected to stimulate innovative and original thinking, thus generating successful startups and economic nation building. He talked about innovative startups, direction of research and India as a profitable educational destination for students from developed and underdeveloped countries, especially from the African continent.

The Honorable Minister commended Centurion University for its attempt to promote skill-based education, production and innovation and appreciated the University’s efforts to remain accountable to society. He ended his speech by wishing good luck to the University and hoped that all African representatives would benefit immensely from this workshop.

Centurion University is an ideal model for NEP in practice. It is India’s premier skills university and well known for its skills-integrated higher education and is also an accredited Center of Excellence of the Ministry of Skills Development, Government of India.

The University already has international students from 8 African countries and has a marine engineering program with state-of-the-art facilities, where Nigeria sponsors students. Their integrated skills and industry education would be extremely relevant to many African countries and the University wishes to invite more international students from Africa.

The emergence of Industry 4.0, also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has transformed the way industry and businesses evolve and operate. Despite the global recognition and realization of Industry 4.0, its holistic adoption is limited by the specific skill requirements of the workforce.

Centurion University has laid the foundation for future talents and trends in society, and adapted and upgraded existing programs, facilities and infrastructure in its education process, thus being one step ahead of other universities/providers. ‘education. This sets the University apart and meets the demands of the young African population and the needs of their economies.

About Centurion University

Centurion University is a notified skills university with a track record of skills and training of over 200,000 young people from challenging geographies, marginalized communities, and youth with disabilities. The education-training-production-productivity model has won numerous national and international accolades. The University has been innovative, imaginative and creative in this approach to deliver various vocational training, vocational education and skills-integrated higher education as per the NSQF of the Government of India.

This model has been recognized by several governments (central and state), international organizations such as UNESCO and the World Bank as well as policy think tanks such as Niti Ayog. Recently, Centurion University School of Vocational Education and Training was recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. It is the only university in India to be recognized as such.

Since its inception, Centurion University’s DNA has been to “shape lives and empower communities.” The University is redefining the learning platform through integrated, domain-related, teaching and learning skills, industry and community partnerships, business creation and co-creation and promoting an ecosystem approach that includes community, business, industry and educational institutions.