Enabling the transition to the digital future with “on demand”


Smart digital technologies and new ways of working are creating a worrying skills gap for crews who must operate a new generation of on-board systems, while understanding and respecting an expanding regulatory environment. These new solutions will fall apart if sailors are not properly trained to handle the new systems and processes. And providing high-quality training and assessment using only traditional techniques will pose a significant business challenge. This is why a strategic partnership between Wärtsilä Voyage and Ocean Technologies Group represents an important step in meeting this challenge.

The two companies had announced their partnership earlier this year in February share their expertise and resources and provide all maritime learning stakeholders – shipping companies, maritime training providers, recruitment agencies and seafarers – a unique end-to-end learning platform bringing all parties together stakeholders in an ecosystem that enables seamless collaboration and growth.

Therefore, Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation Solution is now available on Ocean Learning Platform from maritime knowledge provider Ocean Technologies Group (OTG). This includes instructor-led interactive simulation training, automated assessment solutions, and a growing library of self-directed simulation exercises suitable for a wide range of bridge and engineering learning paths. It is immediately available to a combined customer pool of over 3,000 shipping lines and training centers, as well as over one million seafarers, making training, assessment and certification possible anytime and anywhere. anywhere in the world.

Conversely, users of the Wärtsilä Voyage simulation will have access to the exemplary online user experience of Ocean Learning Platforms and a wide range of tools for planning, delivering and reporting seafarer training. These include virtual classrooms for remote collaboration in mission briefing and debriefing, rapid e-learning allowing users to quickly create, publish and distribute e-learning content from the platform. -Ocean Learning Form (OLP), and the industry’s largest library of maritime training content. in the Ocean Learning Library.

As the industry moves rapidly towards digitalization and decarbonization, the platform aims to help sailors continually and conveniently improve their skills in a commercially viable way.

A convenient and cost-effective way to fill skills gaps

“In just six months since announcing our collaboration, we have been able to bring together our innovative teams to design, plan and deliver a truly unique solution that combines our complementary technologies to deliver tangible benefits to maritime training – accessibility, flexibility, cost effectiveness . , and most importantly, new possibilities such as the approximation of advanced training based on simulation of the workflow, ”said Neil Bennett, Director of Business Development, Global Simulation, Wärtsilä Travel.

The Experiential Learning Platform aims to provide the industry with the broadest and most comprehensive range of maritime-specific digital learning solutions available under one roof.

By activating both instructor-led simulator training and self-directed simulated scenarios take place using PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, anywhere and anytime, the educational reach of maritime training institutes has been exponentially extended, while reduce the cost and time of training and create immediate and tangible benefits for all stakeholders.

“This represents another important step towards creating a more connected maritime learning ecosystem, bringing together stakeholders and consolidating more seafarer learning data in one place for performance analysis and insights. Bennett added.

“Our partnership with Wärtsilä makes cloud simulation and type-specific training and technical resources available to sailors and shore personnel, helping them master the use of sophisticated Wärtsilä equipment,” explained Manish Singh, CEO from Ocean Technology Group.

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) is the maritime industry’s leading learning and operational technology company, serving 1,400 customers, 20,000 ships and over one million sailors worldwide. Thus, by agreeing to share their expertise and resources through a strategic partnership, Wärtsilä Voyage and OTG can together significantly improve on-board efficiency and safety in the rapidly evolving and increasingly technology-driven maritime industry.

Just the beginning

With complementary digital technologies and platforms, the two companies are uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end blended learning solution to all relevant stakeholders, including shipping lines, maritime training providers, recruiting agencies and the seafarers themselves. It can be delivered on demand via cloud-based solutions, as well as in-person instruction at training centers or on board ships.

As Sean Fernback, President of Wärtsilä Voyage points out: “The efficient and competent use of Smart Marine technology is an essential part of its successful implementation for personnel on board and ashore, the availability of simulated training ensures a smooth transition from traditional operating methods. .

“By leveraging our combined intelligent learning technologies and marine performance optimization services, navigation can achieve the desired outcome of operating with more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly crews who are properly equipped to operate in a rapidly changing digital maritime sector. ”

It is encouraging to note that ships are increasingly equipped with the latest and most modern equipment and systems that save fuel, increase safety and protect the environment. However, to take full advantage of these technologies, crews must have the skills to use them properly. Unfortunately, until now, technology has too often moved faster than the ability of crews to keep pace. The collaboration between Wärtsilä Voyage and OTG is an exciting and innovative development aimed at filling this skills gap.

“This is a very exciting and potentially revolutionary collaboration that can help support the development of more competent, efficient, safer and environmentally conscious seafarers able to succeed in our rapidly evolving digital maritime industry,” Bennett said.

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