DVIDS – News – Senior Sailor of the Year Saves Life at Local Gym

Account by Quartermaster Sailor Bailey R. Connors-Battes
Southwest Navy Talent Acquisition Group

TEMECULA, Calif. – (January 10, 2022) While working out at EōS Fitness, Navy Counselor 1st Class Ryan P. Lighten was alerted to a civilian in need of urgent medical assistance by a future sailor.
“I was practicing on the bench press with my headphones on, when one of my future sailors ran up to me with a scared look on his face, screaming frantically,” Lighten said. “He told me there was a man lying on the ground unresponsive and not breathing.”
Without delay, Lighten sprang into action even though he feared he had forgotten his training.
“My first thought was ‘I hope I can remember my practice,'” Lighten said. “Future sailor Dominic Rodgers paved the way for me by telling everyone around that I knew about CPR.”
The many rescue drills Lighten had performed while stationed aboard USS Somerset (LPD 25) were like muscle memories for him when he reached the man on the ground.
“Rodgers told me later that he knew the Navy provided CPR training for all its personnel, which is why he ran straight to me,” Lighten said.
Lighten began by clearing the scene with Rodgers and instructing a nearby bystander to call 911. Then, with all the critical CPR steps crossing his mind, Lighten began performing the rescue technique on the Mister.
Within 15 minutes of chest compressions and mechanical ventilation, the unconscious man became responsive and began to breathe again. The man was groggy and unable to remember what had happened or where he was. Paramedics quickly arrived and took over, putting the victim in an ambulance for further treatment at Temecula Valley Hospital.
“The guy never really saw who helped him,” Lighten said. “I hope I will have the opportunity to formally introduce myself to him in the future.”
Lighten, 29, from Newark, New Jersey, has grown quickly and is not afraid to face tough times.
“I grew up in a tough neighborhood and wanted a better future for myself,” Lighten said. “I joined the Navy because I wanted to improve myself, both professionally and culturally.”
During his early years in the Navy, Lighten worked as a machinery repairman. He said he made the transition to Navy recruiting to better “help young men and women get the same benefits I received when I joined the Navy.”
Proudly serving the Navy for the past eight years, Lighten said, “The Navy has helped me by positioning me to grow as a leader.
Lighten was selected as the Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Southwest Senior Sailor of the Year for 2021.
“The Navy gave me a better outlook on my life and a brighter future for my son,” Lighten said.
As a dedicated leader and father, Lighten said, “I often volunteer at local high schools, animal hospitals, and retirement homes in an effort to give back to my community and raise awareness for the Navy.”
Lighten has been an outstanding sailor at NTAG Southwest for some time. He was meritoriously advanced to the rank of Petty Officer First Class in 2020 and was later appointed Chief Petty Officer of Temecula Navy Recruiting Station.
Over the past four years in the recruiting department, Lighten says he has “worked in an environment alongside people from diverse backgrounds.” Worrying about his sailors’ successes isn’t the only thing on his mind; Lighten has many goals to achieve.
“I plan to rise to the rank of chief petty officer in hopes of eventually retiring from the navy at the rank of petty chief petty officer,” Lighten said.
Lighten’s most immediate goal is to guide as many people as possible, like Future Sailor Rodgers, into the Navy from the Temecula area.
As a final note from this remarkable first responder, “I would like to wish the gentleman I helped a speedy recovery and a healthy future,” Lighten said.
Renamed in December 2020, NTAG Southwest encompasses 210,000 square miles spanning Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. Based at Naval Station Point Loma, NTAG Southwest has three Talent Acquisition Onboarding Centers (TAOC Fleet City, TAOC Surf City and TAOC Paradise City) that operate 43 Navy Recruiting Stations and Recruiting Stations of naval officers and employs more than 300 recruiters, support personnel and civilians.
For more information on NTAG Southwest, visit www.dvidshub.net/unit/NRD-SanDiego or https://www.cnrc.navy.mil/pages-nrd/sandiego/default.html. You can also follow the order on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ntagsw), Twitter (@NRD_SanDiego) and Instagram (@ntagsw).

Date taken: 01.10.2022
Date posted: 20.01.2022 13:32
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