Disney Cruise Line immediately increases tips

Disney Cruise Line has slightly increased its recommended tipping rates for certain crew positions, which in total increases the tipping rate by $1 per day per cabin passenger.

The cruise line has also recommended a gratuity of $8 per day per stateroom for the Concierge Lounge crew, although this is not part of automatic or prepaid gratuities on guest accounts.

Increase in tip rates

The gratuity increase brings the gratuity rate per guest per day on Disney Cruise Line ships to $14.50 (USD) for most staterooms and $15.50 per guest per day for staterooms and suites with concierge, which includes cabin host assistant in automatic cabin or prepaid gratuities.

In a statement on increasing gratification, Disney Cruise Line says: “Since our very first sail, guests have told us how much they enjoy their interactions with crew members. Providing world-class service and creating lasting memories for our guests are among the most common comments we In recognition of all they do, we have increased our recommended gratuity guidelines for certain positions.

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Broken down, standard gratuities cover all three levels of dining room server — main server, assistant server, and server — as well as the cabin host who cleans and maintains guest cabins. The recommended daily tip for each of these positions has been increased by $0.25 per passenger per day.

These complimentary changes are effective immediately on all Disney ships, including Disney WishWho go set sail for her maiden voyage with guests on Thursday July 14, 2022.

Guests booked on future cruises who have chosen to prepay their gratuities at the lower rate will not see any additional charges added to their account, as the previous rate will be honoured.

Guests who have not prepaid gratuities will have the charges automatically added to their account during their cruise at the prevailing rate when the ship is sailing.

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All guests can always contact Guest Services to adjust tips as they wish, or can offer additional tips to special crew members in person.

Tipping rates from other cruise lines

This increase is not unexpected, as Disney Cruise Line has not changed tipping rates since January 2019. With general economic inflation over the past three years, crew salaries, including tips, will not are not going as far as they used to, and the new increase is similar to the tip rate increases that other cruise lines have recently instituted.

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In May 2022, Carnival Cruise Line increased gratuities per passenger by $0.51 per dayfor a total of $14.50 per day for standard cabins and $16.50 per day for suites.

Norwegian cruise line increase in tipping rates in April 2022, raising the recommended tipping guidelines to $16 per person per day for most staterooms and $20 per person per day for the suite and exclusive Haven staterooms. These are respectively an increase of $0.50 and $1.50 per person per day.

Other cruise lines have similar tipping rates and tipping guidelines per day, with totals of $14.50 to $17.50 per person per day on Royal Caribbean ships, from $14.50 to $16.50 per person per day for Princess Cruises and $15.50 to $17 per person per day. for Holland America Line.

What’s not included?

Onboard Disney ships, prepaid or automatic gratuities only include rotating catering staff (waiters) and cabin attendants. An 18% gratuity is also added to all bar, beverage, wine and patio service tabs, as well as spa services, at the time of such purchases.

Gratuities are not included for staff serving in each ship’s specialty restaurants, room service and other individual services on board. Customers can always tip these team members at their own discretion.

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