Developer Diaries Skull and Bones plans to prepare ship and crew for sailing day

Light up the supplies!

In any major undertaking, preparation is essential. Before going to the coast to hunt, check the lock. As long as you have everything you need in stock, you must follow our supplies to survive the journey, whatever your goal. Pirate hideouts and outposts will play an important role in this, as they can buy, sell or sell ammo, transport food and repair the ship, or inspire the team. Be careful when exploring the high seas. Grab a spotting scope to help you see these important landmarks, take the time to look!


All weapons contain ammunition. They can be used for crafting or purchased on the map from various vendors. If you’re lucky, you might find ammo in old shipwrecks, on site and at sea. Depending on your playstyle or preference, be sure to stock up on enough ammo to avoid annihilation during the fight.

Repair kits

Every pirate, no matter how small, is destined to knock the ship off the ship by accident. Also, before you fight, grab an extra repair kit or two. You can craft it from a carpenter, buy it commercially, or craft it to explore the world. They come in different sizes from small to medium.

If you don’t have enough repair kits, there are other ways to repair your ship. For the appropriate price, you can repair your ship in the same place. When you’re not fighting, you can also install a system that allows manual repairs. Among other things, have other pirates repair their ship using one of their ship’s repair devices. These are all great ways to store your repair kit for when you need it.


They say the army fights with the stomach. That’s what we can say about your team. You didn’t want to go to sea without enough food for your crew, did you? When we buy food, we can buy or cook on the raw fire, or with the necessary ingredients. When you think about your food, it depends on who has a question. As you progress through this game, you’ll unlock new dishes, from the humble roasted coconut to the delicious Otak-Otak.

Your team needs nutrition for years. While the team is focused on solving the task in combat, therefore, if you run out of food and go on hunger strikes, you risk a mutiny when the punishment becomes moot. Savvy captains looking for an edge should be aware that high-quality food and drink provides a bonus. It is also an expensive task to prepare a delicious lunch for the team.

Team Inspiration

Captain, I found ammo, a repair kit, and food for my trip, so is it still easy to find? If you want to get even more creative, consider inspiring your team. Inspire lets you boost your spirits as you travel and hunt. You can inspire your crew with pirate bonfires found around the world. You can search for these outposts while scouting, as this can have an advantage over your team in combat.

Discover the target of the crime.

Counties, Private Friends, Pirate Friends For the pirate who dreams of naming himself, the lands of Skull and Bones are now teeming with potential loot. Use the spyglass to see the best targets from scratch. Check their firepower and defense before entering the fight so that the unprepared predator does not leave prey behind.

Through a spyglass, you can find out the enemy ship, its faction, tier and enemy equipment, as well as its probable harm from damage and loot. You should also see the potential reward of a sinking ship and the potential losses if defeated, which will allow you to see the difficulty of the battle.

You have to decide whether to join the battle or not. It can be tempting to get into battle, but it’s always a good idea to take the time to test your strength. If your target is particularly well protected, consider hiring loyal co-captains. Studying the opponent’s weak spots early, but thinking about strategy can turn the tide of battle and eventually lead you to victory!