D&D: Every Spelljammer in ‘Spelljammer: Adventures in Space’ – Part 1

You would expect a cabinet called Spelljammer: Adventures in Space have lots of Spelljammers. And you would be right.

Although the Astral Adventurers Guide maybe some light on the details of what’s out there in space – the mysteries of Wildspace and the Astral Sea are there for DMs to probe themselves – there’s one thing that’s not missing not, and that’s Spelljammers. Which is good, considering that’s the heart of the book. But here’s every Spelljammer from Spelljammer: Adventures in Space.

From the mighty Bombard with its massive cannon to the graceful Wasp Ship that can land on the ground (a rarity). Every Spelljammer in spell scrambler has its own quirks. And its own unique strengths. With so many available, how could you choose one? Today we review the first eight (out of 16) ships in the book.


The Bombard is a Spelljamming ship designed by Giff. You can tell it was built by Giff because it’s basically a big space gun. The ship takes its name from the massive cannon that dominates the front of the ship. It’s big. Bigger than you think.

Each of the cannonballs it fires weighs 10 tons. A single shot can inflict 16d10 on its target. It takes three actions to load the cannon, but only one to fire it. However, a Bombard can only carry 14 of these cannonballs. So make every shot count.

Aside from the massive gun, it’s also a pretty tough ship. Compared to all Spelljammers in spell scrambler, it is neither the fastest nor the biggest. But he is the one who does the most damage. In addition to the big gun, which has its own deck, it also has two ballistae. And it can sail and float on water as well as in air.

Damsel ship

As its name suggests, the Damselfly ship is fast and graceful. It is also cramped and fragile. It’s the weakest of all the Spelljammers, with barely 200 hit points, but at AC 19 it has top-notch defenses.

Damsel ships, among all the Spelljammers of spell scrambler, are most likely to be used for quick missions. When you need speed and firepower, the Damselfly has you covered. It has a ballista and a mangonel! As such, they are often used as courier ships and armored transports.

Occasionally explorers or pirates will also take them – as they are difficult to hit, they make good hit and run attackers. But even military commanders use these ships as command ships, as they can move around and give orders as needed. They have the highest level speed of any Spelljammer, matched only by the Shrike Vessel.

Sometimes the captains of Damselfly get together to race and run obstacle courses in these nimble ships.

Flying Fish Ship

Flying fish ships are the second most common ship in Wildspace. They are a great all-around ship. At a speed of 40 feet, they move faster than most Spelljamming ships (which top out at 35 feet per revolution or 4 mph), and their ventral fins give them superb maneuverability.

They can also carry 13 tons of cargo, accommodate a crew of up to 10, and are 120 feet long, with plenty of room for everything you need on board.

A flying fish only has a triggerfish and a mangonel for protection, but that’s more than enough to fend off casual predators from the wild space.

ship hammer

The Hammerhead ship is a popular, if infamous, design. It’s tough, with 400 total hit points (the highest Spelljammers tend to have) and a decent AC of 15. These ships can carry 30 tons of cargo, making them popular with merchants.

They also feature a ballista, two mangonels, and their signature Hammerhead battering ram, which hits as hard as a bomber cannon and can knock ships back. These features make them popular with hackers. And as military line breakers.

Heavy and armored, they aren’t fast, but at 250 feet long they’re big enough to pose a threat to almost anything in Wildspace. Especially in packs.

Lamprey ship

One of the weirdest ships. The Lamprey ship is also one of the oldest ship designs of any Spelljammer in spell scrambler.

The ship gets its name from the signature grappling jaws, a weapon that allows them to grapple onto enemy ships by inflicting minor damage (only 4d10), but attaching themselves to the ship. This allows the crew to board an enemy ship safely. And he has 4 ballistae, so he’s able to deal with an extra 12d10 with a full volley.

living ship

These are rare ships. Most often, captains are druids, rangers, or priests of nature deities. These ships are the perfect exploration ship for a reason: merged into the ship’s aft deck is a massive treant.

The sylvanian weaves its roots into the ship, becoming one with it. This gives the ship the advantage of an always renewed supply of fresh air. It constantly refreshes the air envelope, after a long rest. And on top of that, the treant repairs the ship, which only has 250 hit points. They are therefore on the more fragile side.

These ships, of all the Spelljammers in spell scrambler, are designed to go as far as possible, but they are not intended for much more. They don’t carry much cargo, nor more than a crew of five (plus the Treant). But if you want to map unknown regions, a Living Ship is your best ally.


The mind flayer’s deadly ship. A Nautiloid is a ship that strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it. Although this is more due to its supposed captains and their terrible predation.

These ships are built and developed. And have many powerful abilities that give them a surprising advantage in any fight. First, there is the armament, which consists of 4 ballistae, which do 3d10 each bolt, and a mangonel, which inflicts 5d10 and has longer ranges. And also the Nautiloid’s signature tentacles.

These tentacles can perform one of two attacks. They can grab a huge or gargantuan target, dealing 4d10 damage and reducing the target’s speed to 0 until freed. Or they can make a melee attack against a creature within 30 feet. With a bang, they’re teleported aboard the Spelljammer, and often, right into the prison cell awaiting a Mindflayer.

But in addition to all that, a Nautiloid can, as an action, transport the ship and all creatures on board to another plane of existence envisioned by the Spelljammer piloting it.

nocturnal spider

We end with the Neogi Nightspider. This ship is perfect for ambushing other ships. He’s hard to hit, with an AC of 19, and he has above-average speed. But what makes it truly deadly is the large crew size. With a crew of 25, the Nightspider and Neogi (and usually Umber Hulks too) on board can often overwhelm an enemy ship within a few rounds.

Especially with 4 ballistae and a mangonel to soften them up first.

That’s it for the first half of every Spelljammer in Spelljammer. Be sure and come back soon for the rest!