Damen’s “Revolutionary” Fast Crew Provider

Dutch shipbuilder Damen is putting the finishing touches on its ‘revolutionary’ Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 class of vessel – the Aqua Helix – with the Ampelmann gangway recently installed and integrated with the vessel’s systems, and the vessel is undergoing the final stages sea ​​trials.

Custom-designed for the FCS 7011, the S-type motion-compensated gangway is an essential part of this next-generation fast crew provider, Damen said.

Designed for minimum weight and fully electric operation, the gangway plays a vital role in crew transfers at sea with the VEEM gyrostabilizer.

“Following the installation of the gangway, the Aqua Helix is ​​now in the final stages of her sea trials, carrying out a complete shakedown of all her systems,” the Dutch shipbuilder said.

“The first transfers using the bridge will take place in March and once these have been successfully completed, the 74-metre, 40-knot, 122-passenger vessel will then be available for customer demonstrations as an offshore crewing solution. fully integrated,” says Damen.

“While some potential customers have already visited the vessel in port, this will be the first time that interested parties will have the opportunity to experience her full potential on the water. Operating out of Den Helder, the original focus of the Damen FCS 7011 will be on offshore wind and oil and gas operators in the North Sea,” the company said.