Coast Guard vessel hands rescued crew of MT Parth to Coast Police

Office Goemkarponn
VASCO: The Coast Guard vessel ICGS Sujeet arrived Saturday afternoon at Mole wharf in Mormugao Port and handed over the 19 rescued crew members of the vessel MT Parth to Coast Police for further formalities and care medical
The African captain of the vessel MT Parth said he was grateful to the Coast Guard who responded quickly to save the lives of his crew while adding that it was the right decision to abandon ship as it sank within moments later after the crew escaped on a life raft.
“The ship was heading to Mangalore with Bitumen Cargo, and while we were sailing the weather was rough. We realized at 5am that there was a list due to the influx of seawater, and even as we tried deballasting and pumping out the water, double the amount of seawater entered the ship, tilting it behind the control. The air vent was broken and water was entering the tanks through the drain area. We had to make a quick decision as the situation was out of control and the ship was leaning almost at a great angle; Finally, we had to abandon ship after informing our authorities and sending a distress signal. I think it was the right decision because the ship sank moments after we were rescued by Coast Guard authorities. “said the captain.
Captain of the Coast Guard vessel Sujeet, Manish Kumar Negi, said the vessel MT Parth had almost sunk when they reached the site.
“We were on a routine deployment and saw that the MT Parth had almost sunk and another vessel, the MT Khalid, was assisting in the rescue operation disembarking the two crew members while the other 17 members crew were aboard the ship. Our ship sent a lifeboat and safely disembarked the other 17 crew members and brought them onto our ship. Besides our vessel, there was another vessel ICGS Apoorva and a helicopter CG Dhruv which was also hijacked to render assistance to the vessel in distress. We rendered assistance and rescued the 19 crew members who had abandoned ship in a life raft, against heavy swells and extremely rough weather,” Negi said.