Cardcaptor Sakura gets a makeover with Sailor Moon in new fanart


The popular magic girl series Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon combine into budding new fan art that puts Sakura and her friends as Sailor Scouts.

Magic girl series Sakura card sensor and sailor moon combine into budding new fan art that puts Sakura and her friends in an enchanting look.

Sakura card sensor is a popular Shojo series which follows elementary school student Sakura on her magical journey in capturing Clow Cards, magical cards that contain dangerous creatures. After accidentally freeing the cards from her family’s basement, Sakura becomes the Cardcaptor and must capture all 18 Clow cards by fighting the corresponding elemental monsters inside. The series originates from the all-female main manga studio CLAMP, which has written numerous series like Chobits, Tsubasa: RESERSE CHRoNiCLE, Clover and xxxHolic. Often affectionately calledPokemon for girls“, Sakura card sensor is very popular among young girls with adaptations from anime, movies, video games, etc. However, this wasn’t the only manga to gain popularity in the magical girl genre.


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at Naoko Takeuchi sailor moon Also follows a group of magical girls who started their popularity after serialization in 1991. Blogger Shojo Magicseruma shared a cute piece of fan art on Instagram featuring Sakura and her classmates as Cosmic Sailor Guardians. The original Sailor Guardian or Inner Senshi group is made up of Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. Each Sailor Scout represents their own planet in the solar system and is a Crown Princess of each planet.

Sakura kinomoto Wears Sailor Moon’s iconic sailor uniform while holding her pink sealing wand in place of Usagi’s moon staff. Her best friend Tomoyo is Sailor Mars with a camcorder, ready to record the magical adventures of her and Sakura. Naoko Yanagisawa pairs the esteemed Sailor Mercury with matching glasses and a love for literature. Chiharu Mihara wears her signature pigtails as Sailor Venus, who also wore pigtails when trying to impersonate Usagi as Sailor Moon. Sasaki Rika is known for her mature nature and excellent cooking skills which are a perfect match for her Sailor Senshi, Sailor Jupiter.

sailor moon and Sakura card sensor were competitive giants but pioneers of the magical girl genre thanks to creators Naoko Takeuchi and CLAMP. With colorful main characters like Usagi and Sakura, whose imperfections made them accessible to young girls. With an incredible cast of female characters and incredible transformations that would one day usher in the new era of magical girl series. This is why fan art represents so much more by bringing together sailor moon and Sakura card sensor like a.

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