Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Episode 5 – Observing a Patient

Episode 5 of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform sees Akebi exploring her Nat Geo side! By meeting his classmate Okhuma Minoru, Akebi learns to patiently observe his peers, in a truly scientific way. Let’s talk about what happened this week in a full of spoilers discussion!

The nature lover

In Akebi Sailor Uniform episode 5, Okhuma Minoru is introduced as the episode’s new girl. She is introduced as a character who has a soft spot for insects in the wild, she is shown to patiently stop and observe them. Minoru is even able to identify them at a glance.

When she and Akebi meet, they agree to apply Minoru’s observation methods to find out more about their classmates. This leads to goofy shenanigans, where Akebi and Minoru do their best to act discreetly, while horribly failing to do so. The goofiness their interactions share really adds to the overall wholesome and cute feel of the episode. It also makes the way they become friends very deserved. Their common interests and chemistry flesh out the bond they share, making it so real.

It’s lovely to see Minoru sharing his interests with Akebi.

That’s why at the end of the episode, when Minoru asks Akebi if she’d like to observe insects with her next time, there’s a sweetness that permeates the entire interaction, which makes the episode even more cathartic. .

A borrowed handkerchief

Episode 5 of Akebi Sailor Uniform also affects another girl in the class. Ayumi Tougeguchi is first introduced in this episode from a distance, looking awkwardly at Akebi and Minoru. However, later, a flashback reveals that Tougeguchi and Akebi had met before. Tougeguchi remembers being very nervous about an entrance exam. At the height of her nervousness, she meets Akebi. Their interaction calms her nerves and Akebi allows her to borrow her handkerchief, telling her to return it when they meet again.

akebi sailor uniform episode 5 akebi ayumi tougeguchi
Tougeguchi finally manages to return Akebi’s handkerchief.

This is the reason why Tougeguchi looks so longingly at Akebi. She wants to return the handkerchief to him, but due to his nervous attitude, she constantly fails to do so. That is until Akebi decides to confront her herself. Akebi comes face to face with Tougeguchi and expresses his joy to hear that they both did well in the exam. It’s a touching moment that allows the girls to recreate that connection.

Tougeguchi’s character actually proves to be quite compelling, though he’s mostly relegated to the episode’s B-plot. His nervousness and social anxiety come across as something completely akin to most people. This awkward desire to bond but not be socially savvy enough is also something that communicates quite well. Of course, Minoru is the main girl the episode focuses on, but it’s really nice to see that the show hasn’t slacked off when it comes to Tougeguchi as well.

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friends galore

Akebi’s harem of friends grows from episode to episode! Each week, her natural charm shines through and she makes new friends or finds a way to deepen existing ones. Akebi Sailor Uniform continues to prove himself to be the true feel-good show of the season. Each episode is just a bundle of charm and happiness. It offers a cheerful palette cleanser of some of this season’s darker shows (looking at you, The attack of the Titans), and is a pleasure to watch week after week.

Akebi manages to deepen his friendships from episode to episode.

You can look Akebi Sailor Uniform on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Episode 6 will air on February 13, 2022.
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