A cruise ship catches fire; 237 passengers and 51 crew stranded

At least 237 passengers and 51 crew members are stuck in a cruise ship that caught fire on Friday, Greek media reported. According to the Greek channel Skai TV, a coastguard operation is currently underway and the cause of the fire is still unknown. Flames are said to have come out of the third deck of the passenger ferry, Euroferry Olympia, which sails under the Italian flag, in the sea area northeast of the island of Ereikousa

Speaking to Skai TV, Greek Deputy Shipping Minister Costas Katsafados assured that all passengers were in good health and were currently in the ship’s lifeboats. Meanwhile, Katsafados also said the process of evacuating passengers and crew from the ferry has begun. He reportedly said the captain had ordered the ship evacuated because there was a big fire.

According to the report, Ionian Islands Governor Rodi Kratsa said Corfu would receive the passengers. She also confirmed on Skai radio that according to her own information, each individual is in good health. In addition, three coast guard vessels, tugs and floating vessels were dispatched to where the ferry caught fire.

A moving car caught fire in Greece

The latest fire aboard the ship came after a moving car in Messina in Greece was engulfed in flames on Thursday. According to a report by Fire Fighting Greece, the incident took place at EO Kyparissias – Kalo Nero, at the height of the Arcadian River bridge and mobilized firefighters who rushed with two vehicles and four men to extinguish. Even in this incident, no one was injured, the driver would have gotten out of the car in time. The Agrinio Police Department was also notified of a fire at a steakhouse on Thursday, but it was a minor incident that caused no damage to nearby properties.

Image: Unsplash/Representative