5 Shows To Watch If You Like The Bravo Reality Series

Bravo’s reality TV drama sensation Under the bridge first aired in 2013. It follows a group of young people who work aboard luxury yachts while looking after wealthy clients during their elaborate vacation. The series details all the messy arguments, ill-fated romances and shocking moments that occur among the crew as they sail to dream destinations – while dealing with the often unruly passengers on board.

The hit show has inspired many spin-offs, including Below Deck Mediterranean, Sailboat Below Deck, Below Deck Below Deck, Adventure Below Deck, and Under the Galley Talk Bridge. If you are a fan of the franchise, here are five more shows like Under the bridge that you might enjoy next.

Adrienne Gang and Kat detained in season 1 of “Below Deck” | Ali Goodwin/Bravo

“The Cruise” (2016-2019)

ITV The cruise was a documentary-style television show that followed the day-to-day operations of one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world, by IMDb. Similar to Under the bridge, the series focused on the lives of the 1,400 crew members working on the ship in addition to its large number of unconventional passengers.

The cruise is perhaps the most similar show to Under the bridge with its interview-style format and unrestrained look at the often unglamorous lives of cruise ship workers. Employees were shown scrambling to make sure every guest was satisfied, a task that often seemed impossible on ships of this scale.

‘Camp Getaway’ (2020–present)

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Camp Getaway is a fairly recent addition to Bravo’s reality TV lineup. As described by IMDb, the series follows the staff of the “ultimate adult playground” as they navigate the challenges that come with working for an idyllic 300-acre summer camp in upstate New York. . The twist? Each employee actually holds high-profile full-time jobs in addition to working at the camp.

The charismatic cast might remind some fans Under the bridge cast members, who work hard and play hard in the summer. Camp Getaway is also full of scandals and dramas, as all is not “sun, sport and smiles” for the staff members.

‘Summer House’ (2017–present)

Since 2017, Bravo summer house filmed a group of nine friends over a summer as they share a home in Montauk, New York. The original cast has changed a lot over the show’s six seasons. And the series went on to inspire a spin-off, Winter house.

Similar to Under the bridge – and other shows like Under the bridge – friendships are put to the ultimate test in summer house. After all, sharing close quarters for an entire summer can only put a strain on cast members’ relationships.

‘Timber Creek Lodge’ (2016-2017)

Timber Creek Lodge, though short-lived, was one of Bravo’s most engaging reality series. The Canadian reality show took place at a popular ski resort in Whistler, British Columbia, per IMDb.

As Under the bridge, the show followed the eccentric team of lodge employees as they worked, partied and even sparked romances. But when staff members were off duty, the lines began to blur between them and the resort’s high-profile patrons, resulting in uninterrupted drama.

‘Unanchored’ (2018–present)

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The docuseries Not anchored gives viewers a glimpse into the secret second lives of young professionals as they travel to the Bahamas to join 30 other yachts in a “floating festival,” per IMDb. Each cast member takes a break from their full-time jobs to work on a 56-foot catamaran while fully immersing themselves in Bahamian culture, which is full of elaborate costumes, traditions and new rules.

Not anchored is one of the shows like Under the bridge for multiple reasons. Seeing a group of best friends test the strength of their bonds by embarking on a grand journey is a common theme for both. Under the bridge and Not anchored. The show is also mostly set on the sea. And it sees actors from different countries, backgrounds, and identities interacting with each other.

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