10 Best Outfits In Shojo Anime, Ranked

Romance is a staple of shojo anime. It inspires feelings of love and anticipation in the hearts of characters and fans. The generally muted color palettes keep audiences in an idyllic state of mind, but the crowning glory of many shojo anime are the outfits the characters wear.

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Many shojo anime characters are known and remembered for the outfits they wear. While some wear their school uniform, others have their own style. If anime fans need fashion inspiration, they know where to look.

ten Mayumi Doujima gets a makeover (Pretty Boy Detective Club)

Pretty Boy Detective Club follows Mayumi Doujima as she strives to rediscover a star she saw as a child. However, she runs out of time before her parents force her to give up. Luckily, the Pretty Boy Detective Club steps in to help Mayumi achieve her dream. Eventually, the star was discovered to be a government experiment, but Mayumi is so moved by the club’s tireless efforts that she asks to join.

Although some of them are reluctant at first, they give in and give it a nice makeover to fit in. Mayumi’s new, shorter hair and boyish uniform with the bold striped pants even stand out among the other club members. She may not be a boy, but she sure is a pretty detective.

9 Katarina Claes draws everyone in blue (My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!!)

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Roads Lead to Death! follows Katarina Claes as she discovers that her current life is actually her second. Not only that, the life she lives now is based on another game she played in her first life – and she’s the bad guy. With this knowledge, Katarina does everything in her power to avoid her fate, forging new relationships along the way.

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Throughout the anime, Katarina wears the same blue and white dress with gold embellishments. Although it’s not her chicest look, the blue dress and accessories have become her indelible style. Plus, the outfit seems to be working for her as she continues to grab attention no matter where she goes.

8 Zen Wisteria displays its princely flair (Red-haired Snow White)

Zen Wisteria is the second prince of the Clarines in snow white with red hair. Outside his castle, he comes across a woman named Shirayuki who needs a place to stay. He offers her to stay in his castle, and the two begin to form a deeper connection. However, his status as a prince gets in the way.

Although Zen isn’t always thrilled to be the prince, he knows how to look like a part. This is especially true of the royal attire he wears for official parades. The gold headpiece and earrings go beautifully with the gold embroidery and chain on his white cape. The dark blue tunic underneath contrasts with the rest of the ensemble. Zen looks great no matter what, but this awesome outfit definitely helps.

seven Ouran Host Club Dress to Impress (Ouran High School Host Club)

Ouran High School Host Club is about Haruhi Fujioka after she joins her high school’s Host Club to pay off a debt she owes them. As part of his duties, he is asked to dress like a male student and entertain paying guests at tea parties and other events. To everyone’s surprise, Haruhi becomes one of the most popular hosts.

Although Ouran Host Club dresses in all kinds of elaborate cosplay, the sharp look of their school uniforms is still the best. The periwinkle blazers give each of the boys and Haruhi a soft, dreamy look. The school’s orange badge and black and purple ties complete the preppy vibe the rich boys at Ouran Host Club are known for.

6 The Sailor Scouts look fabulous while fighting evil (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon follows Usagi Tsukino as she discovers her true identity as Sailor Moon – a magical girl with celestial powers. Along with the other Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon defends the universe against great evil. Using the powers of love and justice, there’s nothing Sailor Moon can’t face.

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As Sailor Scouts, all the girls are decked out in short skirts and form-fitting sailor-style leotards. Each of the girls also has a bow brooch and a gold hoop. Girls also wear fashionable heels or boots. The Sailor Scout look has become a classic in the anime scene, and fans can’t get enough of it.

5 Himeno Awayuki becomes the White Pretear (Pretear)

In the anime Pretear, Himeno Awayuki is just an average high school girl until she literally falls into becoming a Pretear – a magical girl with the powers to protect the world. With the help of his Leafe Knights, Himeno must battle the evil Princess of Disaster.

Although Himeno wears many stunning outfits throughout Pretear, her most impressive look is when she finally becomes the White Prétear. The large hoop skirt and pale hue signify the purity of the White Pretear, while the fairy wings and crown enhance the ethereal look. Fans can’t help but rave about this final look.

4 Sakura Kinomoto is pretty in pink (Card Captor Sakura)

Sakura Kinomoto is a normal elementary school student at Sakura card sensor. However, when she inadvertently releases a set of magic cards into the world, it’s up to her to capture them and return them all.

As Sakura struggles to seal all the missing cards, her cousin, Tomoyo Daidouji, creates beautiful battle outfits for her. Although she wears a lot of them, the costume Sakura is best known for is the pink dress with a matching bonnet that she wears when it first opens, perfectly capturing her young and playful attitude. Everyone deserves to look good at work, and Sakura Kinomoto is no exception.

3 Saki Hanajima’s Cinderella Dress Is Gothicly Romantic (Fruit Basket)

However Fruit basket focuses on Tohru Honda and her encounters with the Sohma family, her friends Saki Hanajima and Arisa Uotani also feature prominently. While Tohru’s real family has passed away, Hana-chan and Uo-chan prove that all it takes to become a real family is unconditional love and support.

Although not a major plot point, the three girls attend high school, where their class is asked to put on a play. They decide to do Cinderella and make the unusual choice for Hanajima to play the titular character. Hanajima stuns in a black dress with rosettes and a black choker that perfectly encapsulates her goth beauty. Although she wasn’t everyone’s first choice for the role, Hanajima has become the quintessential Dark Cinderella.

2 Yona’s outfit is made for adventure (Yona Of The Dawn)

Yona of dawn is about the runaway Princess Yona as she seeks out the Four Dragon Warriors to help her take back her kingdom. She is aided by her trusted guardian, Son Hak. They travel far and wide to meet them and right the wrongs along the way.

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Although she was a rather vain princess, Yona transforms into a fierce young woman as the story progresses. Thus, her beautifully intricate dresses are replaced by more sensible dresses. However, this new look suits her perfectly. Red and pink hues make it stylish, while the fit is convenient for travel. This outfit gives a glimpse of how Yona has changed since the beginning of the anime.

1 Violet Evergarden looks gorgeous in blue (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is the story of a young woman named Violet as she tries to navigate the world after serving as a soldier in a terrible war. She also tries to locate her caretaker, Major Gilbert Bouganvillea. Unfortunately, she discovers that he lost his life in the war, but Violet still tries to understand his last words: “I love you.

In her quest to find the meaning of love, Violet dons a flowing white dress. A blue long-sleeved bolero jacket with puff sleeves makes a dramatic statement, while a lace tie adorns its collar. The look is completed with a stunning emerald brooch given to her by Major. This outfit has become synonymous with the character of Violet and is one of the best outfits in all of anime.

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